Monday, March 1, 2010

Back again

I've been really slack about blogging these last couple of months. Now I have my own laptop [ A bit of a struggle navigating windows 7] I've Been busy sewing some new creations to replace stock after a very good xmas season. Have had to pack up the sewing machine at the moment, sitting with my leg up, after removal of a skin cancer from my shin, needed a skin graft.

Remember to slap on that sunscreen everyone.

Hope you like my latest bags. All going well I will be back at the Boutique Makets, Portside on March 14th.


  1. Hi Mags - hope you're recovering well. Will see you fit and healthy on Sunday week. Still love that black, white and red bag!

  2. Hey Mags, Great to see you blogging. Like Kathryn, I too have my eye on the black, white and red one. Just devine work.

  3. Colours are coming along Maggie, hope you haven't been stuck at the laptop all day. Oh and back off ladies the black and red is my fav!

  4. Hello Maggie!! Glad to see you've started blogging.
    Remember me? Pam. I did the last market at Everton Park with you and Annie?
    I kept checking for a long time after Rachael did up the blog for you, but I'd given up on you ever starting so stopped checking, and now look what I missed!
    Your bags look gorgeous as usual!
    Might see you at Portside one day. :)